Having moved to Cape Cod, Carol Marcy now serves as a mentor of conscious holistic heart-centered living.  Formerly she worked as a psychologist and director/founder of the Joy Lane Healing Center.  Her model of practice involved the totality of body, mind, heart and spirit. Now as a forest bathing guide and meditation teacher she enjoys helping participants feel safe enough in a group setting to engage in a journey of expanded awareness though heart-centered meditations, play, creativity, partnering with Nature and the Heart.  This deeply spiritual process is without prejudice toward any spiritual tradition.

     Some history:  After finishing college in 1964, she went to New York City to participate in a new movement in modern dance that centered at Judson Church in Greenwich Village.  She joined the James Waring Dance Company and founded New Roots in Music and Dance, a company she shared as a dancer and choreographer with her husband, Malcolm Goldstein.  It was a very exciting time in the arts, full of collaboration with other artists, of opportunities to perform and to create.

     After moving to Vermont in 1971, she completed a Master's degree in Dance/Movement Therapy.  The more she practiced as a dance therapist, the more she became aware of what she didn't know.  This drove her decision to go to graduate school at the California School of Professional Psychology in San Diego, where in1983 she received a doctorate in clinical psychology.

     For seven years, she worked as Director of the Office of Stress Management for the Montgomery County Police Department, Maryland.  During this time, she trained with the Gestalt Institute of Washington and began to explore Native American Spirituality with the Good Medicine Society and a Sweat Lodge community in Southern Maryland.  She also participated for over 20 years in a weekly seminar at the Washington Center for Consciousness Studies, exploring meditation, phenomenology, energy work and Dzogchen, a Tibetan Buddhist form of heart-centered spiritual practice.  In 2012 and 2017 she went on deeply spiritual and life altering journeys to Egypt, which greatly enhanced her spiritual perspective.

     After she moved to Southern Maryland to begin a private practice in 1991, her house on Joy Lane became a place for holistic healers to gather, teach, learn from each other and practice their healing arts. There were 62 aces of beautiful woodlands with opportunities for hikes, meditation spots and retreats. She taught meditation, led many retreats at the center and in Bethany Beach, MD.

     In 2005 Living Life as a Prayer, a guide to healing and wholeness was published and a two CD set of meditations from the book as well as a DVD of three movement meditations and workbook were created.  The book is available on Amazon and meditations are available on YouTube and Insight Timer, a meditation app.

     Creating Peace Inside and Out, cultivating heart-centered living was written and completed in 2016.  Check out the book,, which introduces some from the book through posts.

     She has now moved to Cape Cod to slow down, meditate, write, enjoy the beauty, the ocean, walks with her dogs and the abundant fullness of life.  Offering walks and teaching are ways to share the wisdom gathered over the years.