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How meditation can help you

The purpose of Meditation is to find inner peace and quiet.  It can be used to teach you how to focus your attention and become more aware of your internal landscape. It can also be used to become aware of yourself as a unique expression of creation and your interconnectedness to all of life everywhere. 

These practices will help you manage your stress, focus better, be happier and feel more connected to yourself and to the life around you (family, friends, pets, your garden, etc.).  It also helps you to manage your emotions, feel more centered by finding peace and calm on the inside.  You will be healthier in your body/mind/spirit/emotional body. 

Research has shown that meditation is of great benefit for multiple reasons.  Symptoms decrease.  Anxiety and depression are reduced significantly.  Insomnia is greatly improved.  People with chronic pain required less treatment.  Blood pressure and heart rate can be normalized. Learning deep breathing exercises brings more oxygen into the systems of the body which aids in improving blood oxygenation and circulation and increases lymphatic circulation.  All in all, you become more at ease with yourself and happier.  

In class  you will learn a number of different meditation techniques using words, sounds and movement.  Initially the meditations are guided.  As your skill builds there will be more room for silence.  You will become more aware and better able to focus.  The energy of the group helps deepen your experience.  Come join us for a unique journey into better health and healing.

Beginner Meditation classes at the Council on Aging in Brewster, MA Thursdays at 10 to 11 am for Brewster residents. 

There is also a class called the Balancing Act, which teaches through awareness and exercise how to maintain good balance, develop core strength and good posture. This class meets Wednesdays 9:30-10:45. 

Call Regina at the Council on Aging 508 896-2737 to register.  Drop ins are welcome.  The cost for both classes is $2 per class. 

A Meditation class is being offered at Cape Wellness Collaborative in Hyannis, MA 9:30 to 10:30 am Saturdays  December 8 and 15th. The cost is free for CWC members.  The classes are open to others at $10 per class.   

The Saturday class in Hyannis and a Monday night class (5:30-6:30 pm) in Brewster (108 Susan Lane) will meet weekly beginning January 5th and 7th. Please call Carol at 240 538-1672 if you have questions .

Come for Individual or small group guided meditative healing walks in Nature, otherwise known as Forest Bathing.  Individual or small group meditation sessions are also available in Brewster.  The cost is $15. Call Carol 240 538-1672  or email her at to schedule a time.


Available Guided Meditations

You Tube:  enter Carol Marcy meditations.  Here are a series of videos of guided meditations.

Insight Timer:  This is a free meditation app for your phone.  I have guided meditations here as well.

Lower Cape TV:  Creating Health and Well-Being with Dr. Carol Marcy on demand. or an app on your phone.

Books:  Living Life as a Prayer  is distributed by Amazon

              Creating Peace Inside and Out: cultivating heart-centered living is available on