Why Meditate


     The purpose of meditation is to find inner peace and quiet and ultimately to open to higher states of conscious awareness. It can teach us how to focus our attention and become more aware of our inner landscape. These practices also help us enjoy better health.

     With meditation practices we can manage our stress, focus better, be healthier, happier and feel more connected in a positive way to ourselves and life around us, like our family, pets, plants, trees, friends, communities and the Earth. 

     By being more comfortably centered in the heart, our emotional well-being is enhanced because we develop peace and calm from the inside moving outward. We are healthier body, heart, mind, and spirit.

With practice, we become aware of ourselves as a unique expression of creation and our interconnectedness to all of life everywhere.

     Because this is a discipline that gets built with practice, I like offer to a number of different kinds of guided meditations in order to tune into sound and vibration, or feel movement, or a have visual experience or a combination of these. Each of these address a particular learning style. By experimenting with a variety of kinds of practices we can find those that appeal to us, because they suit the way in which we learn best. 

     Practicing with another person or a group, allows the combined energy to help us stay focused because the energy Field is stronger.  Ultimately we may become more comfortable with complete inner silence. 

     Some other things to keep in mind when preparing to meditate are to not eat a lot of food, or drink a caffeinated or alcoholic beverage beforehand. This way we begin with a quiet calm nervous system. It also helps to wear clothing that allows us to breathe easily  

     To advance our practice, most important of all is to bring our awareness inside our bodies so that we can be present and grounded to our experience. 

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Studies show the benefits of meditation

1. Premenstrual syndrome symptoms decreased by 57%. 

2. Migraine headaches decreased notably. 

3. Anxiety and depression were reduced significantly. 

4.  Workers missed fewer work days due to illness. 

5. Patients with AIDS and cancer experienced decreased symptoms.  

6.  Seventy-five percent of patients with insomnia were cured and almost 25% were improved. 

7. Patients with chronic pain required an average of 36% less treatment.  

8. Patients with high blood pressure recovered completely or improved.

Breathing exercises: deep breathing, 4 counts in 4 counts out

1. Every cell in your body depends on oxygen.

2. Oxygen confers feelings of energy and optimal mood.

3. Deep breathing stimulates good blood circulation.

4. Deep slow breathing provides more blood to the alimentary canal thereby aiding in better digestion.

5. This helps to cleanse the lungs, which helps to prevent respiratory infections.

6. Breathing deeply is one of the best ways to calm yourself, reduce anger and pain.

7. Deep breathing directly reduces stress levels by reprogramming the autonomic nervous system away from the fight or flight response to a calming response which supports your immune system and releases a rejuvenating hormone called DHEA.

The effects of setting up consciously created vibration in the body: OM, Hum or mantras

1. It improves immune function via the hypothalamic-pituitary axis.

2. It increases brain hemispheric balance.

3. Helps to quiet the inner dialogue.

4. Aids in recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, neurosis and sexual dysfunction.

5. Lowers heart rate.

6. Lowers blood pressure.

7. Reduces stress hormones.

8. Improves the production of melatonin, which helps us sleep better.

9. Increases lymphatic circulation.

10. Enhances the release of endorphins, which increases our sense of pleasure.

11. Increases immune system function.

12. Increases the production of interleukin-1, which plays a central role in the regulation of immune and inflammatory responses to infections.

Come and enjoy learning how to meditate.

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